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At Byrd’s Transported After School Martial Arts, we provide your Children a FUN and SAFE after school experience!

Your children will love their active afternoons with their new friends. Our after school martial arts is varied and fun, and it will keep your kids entertained for the ENTIRE school year! We focus on developing student's discipline and attitudes toward school. They evolve into a positive “YES, I CAN!” attitude, while forming life long friendships. We instill in your kids the importance of good grades and physical fitness and cultivate a positive environment that children enjoy!

Byrd's Korean Martial Arts Academy is a well respected dojang that develops good moral character while maintaining a high energy and fun class. We can pick up your child from school and deliver them to a safe, fun, family environment. At our dojang, your child will learn Martial Arts from well trained instructors and complete homework under their supervision. Our after school martial arts isn't all work though, and we let the kids play games that bring out their COMPETITIVE spirit! Our instructors run a wholesome, delightful, and thrilling after school martial arts that develops good character and ethics.

What we Offer:

All transportation services to and from the school is included in the initial costs.  We emphasize the importance of proper socialization skills and teamwork. This builds our students cooperation skills and social life. The entire class learns karate kicks and punches, how to deal with bullies, and play fun martial arts games and drills! 

The program runs from 2:30 pm to 6 pm daily, from Monday to Friday. Byrd's Korean Martial Arts Academy hosts this curriculum all year long! Give your kids an exciting and safe activity!

Keep your child active and healthy by signing them up at Byrd’s Korean Martial Arts Academy's After School Martial Arts! They will love it and you save money! Call us today at 912-898-0406 for the coolest after school curriculum in Savannah!